Monday, June 24, 2013

A few more vacation highlights

We just spent a week on Minnesota's north shore. It was a great week. The thing I enjoyed most was the uninterrupted time I had with Amanda and the kids. We did some amazing hikes, saw some great Minnesota history and even ate some good food. The weather was typical North Shore weather (from what we've heard.) We were very thankful that we got the kids all rain coats before we left. It rained most days and some days the highs didn't get out of the 60's. It didn't dampen our time though.

We talked to a number of people about the places we should go while we were there. A special thanks to Scott Jamison, who put together maps of all of his favorite state park spots. He was right on with every recommendation. We will definitely be back. Lake Superior is a wonderful spot and feels like home. Amanda has commented often about how much she loves the great lakes.

Here are a few more pictures that just scratch the surface of the great time we had.


Anonymous said...

Awesome memories were made!! Good for you:)

Tricia said...

I think the second photo should be your next christmas card