Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ben and I go to Chicago

For Benjamin's 12th birthday, he and I took a trip to Chicago.  We had a great time.  Guardians of the Galaxy, Chicago dogs, the Train, Sears (Willis) Tower, Buddy Guy's Legends blues club, Bucky Fount (Buckingham Fountain), the Bean, Lake Michigan,  Magnificent Mile, Gino's East, The "L", "roller dogs" (hotdogs from a gas station: one of Ben's requests for the trip), and lots of great conversations for a dad and his boy.  The blues club for lunch was a high light for both of us.  What could be better than sitting just in front of a dude working his blues guitar for an hour while you eat some hot and spicy food?

It made me super thankful to God for Benjamin and the young man that he is becoming.  It made me thankful for my dad and the way that he loved me and brought me up.  It made me thankful for Amanda and her support of our trip, staying home with the other five by herself.

Here are some pictures of two dudes having a great weekend.

A tradition has begun at the Gammons house.  Caleb and I have already begun talking about where we will go for his 12th birthday trip.  Thanks, Ben, for a great weekend.  I'm glad I'm your daddy.


Anonymous said...

What a great trip!! You're a wonderful dad Andrew! I'm proud of you and proud of my first born grandson, B-Don.

Anonymous said...

nice... just catchin up on your posts. ben, get off that ledge!!! ;)

looks like y'all had a fun time in chicago.

tony's band played at buddy guy's quite a few times back in the day. a cool place for southern food and blues music...