Friday, October 24, 2014

My family

God, I am thankful that you have given Amanda and me these six lives to celebrate, love and shepherd.  I am thankful that you give us grace when we so often fail them.  Please protect them from their Mom and Dad.  Please hold them in your unfailing hand and draw them ever closer to yourself.

Virtual Discipline

The other day Amanda FaceTimed me at work.  Nathan was having a complete meltdown and needed some intervention.  This is very unlike Nathan.  It may be the only time in his two years that he really had an all out, big tears, red eyes, boo hoo, meltdown.  I think Amanda partially just wanted me to see it for myself.  But I talked to him through the phone.  He settled down and we were okay. This is the world we live in.  Where a dad is able to discipline his young son from miles way over the video chat.  Hilarious!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Difference of a Few Days

With little kids, a few days can make a world of difference in their countenance.  This was just a few days ago.  We had been missing our favorite spatula.  Lucy was thrilled to death that she found it in the play room.  (Playroom?  Nathan?) 

This morning she woke up early feeling just terrible.  She threw up all morning.  The winds of change blow in gusts at the Gammons house these days.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One of my joys

One of the things that brings me joy in my life right now is to work along side my boys.  When God gifted me with three boys, I remember thinking what it would be like to work with them.  I thought to myself, just think about all of the things we could get done when we are working together.  When we began to work together years ago, when it was just Daddy working and the boys happily "helping out," that time seemed a long way off.  Then we really began to get some stuff done as the boys became great runners and really dug in as helpers.  Now though, the boys are coming into their own.  It is exciting and fun to watch.  It is great to hear them pray at the end of the night, "Thank you God that we were able to get some work done today."

This is not a completely rosy picture.  There are still plenty of moans and groans as I announce the project list for the evening or weekend.  At the beginning, no one is volunteering or running up to get their work clothes on.  But once we put some good music on and the project gets started, everyone gets on board.

Last night we worked on painting the chicken barn.  The boys dug in and we got a lot done.  I love working with these guys.

Only in Minnesota

Mom is here this week.  For all of the boys' birthdays, she gave us Twins tickets.  Only in Minnesota do you have to wear a down coat and bring a blanket to a baseball game in September.  We had a great time though.  The Tigers (Mom's team) beat us with two back-to-back home runs in the top of the ninth inning.  Fun was had by all.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ben and I go to Chicago

For Benjamin's 12th birthday, he and I took a trip to Chicago.  We had a great time.  Guardians of the Galaxy, Chicago dogs, the Train, Sears (Willis) Tower, Buddy Guy's Legends blues club, Bucky Fount (Buckingham Fountain), the Bean, Lake Michigan,  Magnificent Mile, Gino's East, The "L", "roller dogs" (hotdogs from a gas station: one of Ben's requests for the trip), and lots of great conversations for a dad and his boy.  The blues club for lunch was a high light for both of us.  What could be better than sitting just in front of a dude working his blues guitar for an hour while you eat some hot and spicy food?

It made me super thankful to God for Benjamin and the young man that he is becoming.  It made me thankful for my dad and the way that he loved me and brought me up.  It made me thankful for Amanda and her support of our trip, staying home with the other five by herself.

Here are some pictures of two dudes having a great weekend.

A tradition has begun at the Gammons house.  Caleb and I have already begun talking about where we will go for his 12th birthday trip.  Thanks, Ben, for a great weekend.  I'm glad I'm your daddy.