Monday, December 18, 2006


Who do you want to be? Who is it that when you look at him or her you think, I would like to be more like that? These are telling questions. As I watch our little boys begin to answer them, it affects who I am, how I seek to love them and how I work to shape them.

As with most little boys, their answer to these questions is often "my dad." This is a lot of fun for me. It is also at times very scary. If my little boys want to be like me, I better make sure that I am being the type of person that I would want them to be like. More often than not I fall way short of this.

Back to the boys, for Christmas Shube (Amanda's mom) got them each a robe. They had asked her for these, in part because every morning they see me in by bath robe and in part because all of the Star Wars jedis wear "bath robes" too. Ben was very excited about this. He kept talking about wanting to put it on first thing in the morning. When we went downstairs to check on him before we bedded down ourselves, he had taken off his pj's and was sleeping in just his robe and undies. Every day is an adventure with these three crazies. We thank God for them often.


Shube said...

I'm glad the robes were a big hit. Also, looking at the pictures below, I realized Caleb won't have to use a spatula for a light-saber anymore. Come to think of it, these were the kinds of gifts (the sabers) I looked askance at when people gave them to our kids. Now I ARE THEM! :)
Love, Shube

Sharon said...

Oh those precious, precious boys!! Can't wait for Saturday:)