Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

I am sitting at Mom's new iMac, looking out over the lake and enjoying the quiet of a fairly slow Christmas. Whenever I am in the north woods, things seem to slow down. It is a good feeling.

We got here on Saturday afternoon. It always takes me a few days to decompress. We went to church yesterday morning, which is always a struggle with the boys. We spent most of the service in the narthex with Matty. This morning we opened our stockings with Mom and the boys. We will wait to open the rest of our gifts until Tricia, Alex and Davy arriver later this afternoon.

We all took a walk along the beach. It is so pretty here, mild temperatures and beautiful views. Then we came back and built a fire on the beach. Caleb and I sat out by it for quite a long time. We hope that God is slowing each of you down today. We hope that you are spending time with family and friends. We hope that all of you encounter Jesus today. Merry Christmas.


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