Monday, December 11, 2006

Things that should be on your Christmas list this year

I thought I would give out some unsolicited opinions on things that I think should be on everyone's Christmas list this year.

1) iPod
I received my iPod in February as a very welcome Valentine's gift from Amanda. It has been a HUGE addition to my life. The question you might have is, "Which iPod do I get?" A good question, but the answer is pretty obvious. Unless you are looking to use it only for running or working out, the 30G iPod with video is your choice. At $250 its a lot, but I think it is worth it. Another option might be the new iPod shuffle. For only $79 you can get an iPod that holds around 240 songs. Its so small though and no screen. It sure looks cool though.

2) Paste magazine
Paste has been coming to my door now for a few years. I first found out about it at Calvin College. It is a great periodical about music, film and culture. They look into areas that many other publications don't. My favorite part about it is that every issue comes with a sampler CD with about 20 new tracks of music. They even did a sampler DVD for a while. Its a great way to stay up on what's happening in the world of the arts.

3) The Lives of Rocks by Rick Bass
Check out Tricia's post about one of our favorite authors.

4) Andy Catlett: Early Travels by Wendell Berry
This is the newest book in a series about the fictitious town of Port William and its "membership". These are the books that make me want to move back to Alpena, buy a farm, live near family and love people. Berry will challenge your thinking about God, America, technology, and "making something of yourself."

5) Stormy Kromer cap
Straight from the UP, this is the cap that keeps my evermore balding head warm in the north woods of Minnesota. I first saw it on "Made in America" on the Travel Channel. It is a great choice to stay warm, while still being cool. There's also an Ida Kromer cap for women. Don't tell Amanda, but she will be joining the crowd this Christmas.

6) Time with people you love
The most important gift that you can give yourself this Christmas is to spend time with people that you love. That is what I am planning on doing. We start our Christmas off next week. I'm looking forward to giving a little love--and possibly receiving some too.


Bill Roehl said...

LOL at the hat! I wouldn't want to steal your identity so I won't be ordering one this year :)

ChadE said...

I am actually considering asking for the brimless SK for some gift giving holiday. When I first saw your cap two years ago, I wasn't really big on adding on to my personal collection, but you may still sell me on the Stormy Kromer look.

I am also putting QT on my list. Being married and moving into a house can really volley for your time so this holiday I am looking forward to giving out.