Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just the kind of piano that Shube likes

In looking for a video for my last hymn of the week post, I came across this one.  One day we were watching TV at Shirley's house and Jimmy Swaggart was on playing the piano.  Needless to say, he's not her favorite pianist.  I kind of like it though.  See especially beginning at 2:21.  I guess I'd call this honkey-tonk gospel.  Kind of feels like you need a shot of Jim Beam and a big black leather Bible.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the song (great story: written by evangelist who came home to an "I'm leaving" note from his wife--considered suicide--thought about it and wrote this song instead)! The arrangement, maybe not so much. The two-fingered tremelo (trilling back and forth between 2 notes very rapidly) kind of does me in. :)

Sharon said...

Jimmy Swaggert's music takes me back to my father-in-law and his love for Southern Gospel music. It also makes me think of Helen Timm and her slightly Southern style of piano playing. When we moved to Alpena I had never heard anyone play the piano that way and I really learned to appreciate it. Lots of memories here.
Thanks to Shirley for the story behind the hymn. That history always makes me love the hymn even more. Another great HOTW choice!