Thursday, August 5, 2010

Camping and a bike ride

We camped last weekend at Baker Park Reserve in Maple Plain, MN. It was a great park. We've been there before, (It's right by Brad's house.) but we've only camped there one other time, pre-PUP. We liked the big sites and all the things to do at the park. The staff driving around on Saturday afternoon with an ice cream truck didn't hurt either.

We took a bike ride on Saturday afternoon. I hadn't ridden my bike much prior, so going for a 6 mile ride pulling two kids in the trailer, may have been biting off more than I could chew. The picture above is about half way.  The three in the middle were the ones pedaling.  The others were the ones riding.  It was fun though. We're looking forward to our next camping adventure soon.


Bill Roehl said...

1. Love the new look!

2. You wearing that Superman t-shirt was perfect for hauling a trailer with two kids!

3. You're my hero.

Shube said...

It looks like everyone is amused with Lucy's push-up---except her!

Anonymous said...

Did you have the AC on in the PUP? Happy camping...sadly enough, winter will be here before we know it. Made an appt today for September. AAAAAHHHHH!

Unknown said...

Hey Superman - Glad you see you taking advantage of the outside! Lucy looks ready to keep going!


Sharon said...

It's great that you're all enjoying the PUP and just being together outdoors. We need a video of Lucy scooching around on the floor and maybe some crawling too.