Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Beautiful Day

Back in May when tickets went on sale for games at the Twins new ballpark, I knew I wanted to take the boys for their birthdays in September.  It's a good thing I was thinking ahead.  Tickets for the whole season have been sold out for a long time.

We had a wonderful day yesterday.  It started with Matthew's birthday breakfast at Cobblestone Cafe.  He is such a sweet person to be with one-on-one.  Then later in the morning, we headed downtown, parked for free about 8 blocks from the stadium and got there early enough to find our seats and talk with the usher.  (What a job!  He looked about 65 or 70.  He works at 60 of the 81 home games.)  Our seats were great, first row of the upper deck.  They also came with a hot dog and pop.  Not bad for $22 a piece.  It was a pretty slow game until the Twins went on a tear in the 6th and 7th inning and scored 5 runs.  Twins won 5-1.  The stadium was really nice and it was great to be outside, although a little cool yesterday.  All in all, a wonderful time was had by all of the Gammons boys.


Shube said...

Cute picture! Hard to believe Matty is FIVE. I remember when you first moved here when he was 3 months old---and he loved to stare at my Christmas tree lights. Time has flown.

Looks like a great day at the ballpark!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there with you guys. Looks so fun. And I have been a horrible aunt this year...missing all my nephews Sept bdays. Alex was gone for his bday so I just was not thinking about the usual routine.
Go Twins,

Sharon said...

It looks like you had a great time!! These are memories that you will cherish and the picture of the 3 boys is super fun! Now that the Twins have won first place I can cheer for them in good conscience:)

Gregg said...

What fun! I still love going to games with my dad, always a great time!

I'll be pulling for the Twins in the post-season.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Matt! Exciting time to be cheering on the Twins.

Anonymous said...

It was so fun to talk to matt on his bday! Lots of celebrating in th mn gammons home this month! Sounds like I made it to the top aunt list from tricia's comments...yippee! :). Cg