Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Read Alouds--The Borrowers Afield

At the end of the last edition of the The Borrowers we found Pod, Homily and Arrietty having to flee their home because then had been "seen."  The Borrowers Afield, traces the adventures of the the three as they find a new home in the great outdoors.  They meet some new friends and find that they can survive in a way that Homily never thought possible.

It is another adventure that all of the kids loved.  Mary Norton's writing is interesting and very descriptive of her characters and their settings.  I would recommend both of her books that we've read.  I think we'll be done with the Borrowers for a while now though.


Gregg said...

I remember the Borrowers - was this a cartoon also at some point? I'm always interested in your "read aloud" posts...can't wait to do that!

Andy Gammons said...

You're thinking of The Littles. The borrowers are pretty much the same concept, except they don't have tails.

Read alouds are one of the highlights of my days. I absolutely love sharing these books with the kids.