Monday, December 6, 2010

Small Delights

Our friend Teresa, just recently posted of how a cup of tea is a small delight for her. It got me thinking of the many small delights in my day.
  • Matthew saying "Bub-bye Daddy," every morning as I leave for work.
  • A hot cup of coffee at work.
  • Cozying down under our down comforter when the house is cooling off.
  • A fire in the back yard.
These are the mundane, everyday blessings that are often overlooked. How about you? What are the small delights in your day?


jamsco said...

A hug from everyone before I leave for work.

Potato Chips and Cottage Cheese.

Seeing my kids under quilts when it's cold outside.

Gregg said...

I'm the same way with my cup of tea at work...even more when there's snow or rain against my office window.

Also, I've been enjoying the fire we had in your backyard at thanksgiving every time I've put my gloves on since. (They still smell like wood smoke...I kinda like it.)

Sarah said...

Having both of my boys on my lap reading a book.

Seeing Brad walk in the door after work.

Sharon said...

little black and white snuggled up next to me at night:)

Sharon said...

I left out the word DOG...little black and white dog snuggled up next to me at night:)

Shube said...

All the above toasts to TEA---except substitute the word COFFEE! (And, I don't mean decaffinated.) :)

Anonymous said...

Finishing a good book.
The kids telling me they love me...without being prompted.
The coffee being ready when I wake up.
My recliner.