Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Farm

Last year on my birthday Amanda and I were driving together out in the country near our house.  We drove past a beautiful farmhouse that was newly for sale.  We went home and looked it up online.  We were just dreaming.  A month or so later they made a huge price drop.  Another month, another price drop.  We told Shube.  We started the process.

We have been talking about the possibility of buying a place with Amanda's mom or for years.  We've even been close to getting a place before.  The time and the place were not ever right, until now.  This week, we closed on our new farm.  The house is an old one, built in 1914.  There's plenty of work to keep three boys and a grown man busy for years to come.  There will be plenty of work for our girls as well.  The work is exciting though.  The work is one of the main reasons we hoped for a place like this.  Work is a tool to train children in character.  My parents employed this tool all through my growing up.  We have employed this tool already and look forward to its furthering.

We also look forward to the joy that will be shared in a new space.  We hope to welcome many of you in the coming months.  We are thankful to God for leading us in his providence to this point.  We have felt his guidance indisputably through what has been a long and at times somewhat stressful process.


Anonymous said...

We are really happy for you guys. I love that you had a dream realized....a place for your kids to be wild and use their hands for the meaningful work. Can't wait to visit your little slice of the garden. Please excuse Tricia's comment from me...we don't need to blog every comment. What I want to say is - nice place.

Abigail said...

Woo-hoo! I've been waiting for this post! :)

Can't wait to see it in person! I am so very happy for you all.. we expect lots of fun to be had on the "farm" in the years to come.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous winter picture of a super cool place! Can't wait to visit in the late Spring. Congratulations to all of you...Shube, AAbcmml!

Martins said...

Lisa and I are really excited for you!

We look forward to sending our children on work trips for the summer.

Colbert Family said...

Congrats!!!!!! It's beautiful and we expect to see more pics!!!! We are very happy for you guys!!!! Maybe we could visit one day???!!!!

Jim and Shelley

Carrie said...

"A dream is a dream your heart makes..." Name that tune! Anyway, so excited for you, and my boys too, looks like we have a new summer camp to visit!