Thursday, September 15, 2011

Country Living: The Rhino

It's no problem for the Rhino!  In one of his first trips out to the farm Amanda's dad said, "We've got to get the Rhino out here."  So last weekend they went to their place in Michigan and brought it back.  It has since been endless fun for the Gammons family.  We have raced around our property and broken new trails.  Last night Lucy, Ben and Matthew and I spent the evening clearing a few remaining trails.  In my mind you just can't beat and evening that includes a chainsaw, the Rhino, work and my kids. 


Anonymous said...

Looks like its already leaning toward winter in the great north. Good to talk to you last night. Feel better soon.

Shube said...

Great fun. Amanda did her best to scare me with an "adventuresome" ride...but I didn't scream. Not even once! :)