Friday, June 15, 2012


Amanda at age 21 (the picture on my desk since then)
I met Amanda at Taylor more than 15 years ago.  We became friends my senior year.  As I watched her and got to know her more, I knew that she was the type of woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  I was attracted to her desire to be more like Christ, her mind, her soft strength, and her beauty.  I figured, what have I got to lose.  She'll probably say no, but why not.  At the Grist Mill in Marion, Indiana (now burned down), I asked her if she would date me in order to find out if we might be able to be married.  I can still remember the smell of urine in the bathroom as I prayed for God to stop me if I wasn't supposed to go through with it.

I asked her to marry me six months later on the rocks of Mackinac Island.  She knew I was going to.  She could see the ring box in my pocket.  We were married in my mom's backyard overlooking Lake Huron.

We have walked for almost twelve years together as husband and wife.  Amanda is my best friend and has become such a partner to me that I can truly understand why God said to Adam, "It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.”(Genesis 2:18 ESV)  As we have added children, I have seen in Amanda God's equipping grace and have come to admire her, trust her and depend on her more and more.  As she draws closer to God, God uses her to push me closer to him.  I have never been a part of something that is more sanctifying than my relationship to her.

Today is her birthday.  On the 24th we will celebrate our 12th anniversary.  I praise God for my wife.  I praise God for how he has give me just exactly what he knew I needed in her.  I look forward to as many days, months and years that God wills for us to be together.  I love you, Amanda.  Happy Birthday!


Amanda may not like this.  Some of you know how she is averse to having all the attention on her.  In writing this and going through these photos, I am reminded again who you are and why I love you so much.  Take a deep breath.  "Didn't we have the fun?!"  Can't wait to see what God has for us next.


Tom and Ab said...

Yes, it's after midnight and we are up, laughing about vans, as this post appeared. What a worthy subject. Love this tribute to Amanda. And mostly, we love you, Amanda.

Happy birthday!

Tom and Ab

Anonymous said...

I love you too Amanda!! So thankful that God gave me you as a daughter in law. You're the perfect one for Andrew!
Your mother in law:)

Martins said...

Happy, happy birthday, Amanda! A beautiful post for a beautiful lady...good job, Andy.

Shube said...

The picture of Gregg holding you reminds me that he told everyone that his new baby's name was Amanda Face (Faith)! As always, if I had to choose one little girl in the whole world to be mine, it would be you! You are a blessing to me---and now we're neighbors. Perfect.

jamsco said...

Hi Andy! I'm not what you would consider a professional writer, so you can take this advice for what it's worth. Perhaps on her next birthday when you write something romantic, maybe you'd want to not have the word 'urine' appear anywhere in it. You could probably generalize this guideline to include any bodily fluid. Your welcome!

jamsco said...

Oh yeah . . . but otherwise it was a very nice post. And I liked seeing the pictures. I like the top one the best. What's she talking about, I wonder.