Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Bithday, Caleb

I talked with Carrie, Joe's wife, the other day and she was lamenting birthdays close to Christmas. Joe's is the 27th, Lucy is on the 28th and Caleb is on the 29th. From growing up with Joe, I have tried to make our kids birthdays specials, especially for Cal and Lucy. It's hard though. This year we had some friends over to celebrate both kids.

I am consistently thankful for Caleb. He has a heart that is big and bold. It shows in the love that he has for others and the love that he has for God. Caleb, may God continue to shape your heart to be more and more like his this year. We love you.

Thanks again, Abigail, for the pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet Cal Joe!! I sure love you Dear!!