Thursday, August 20, 2009

Outdoor Kids Games

Here is a great list of 30 outdoor kids games. Anyone for a game of kick the can?


Gregg said...

Wow. Great list! I remember playing lots of these games. I had totally forgotten about SPUD - I love that game.

We played a LOT of "Ghost In The Graveyard" in our neighborhoods too...add it to the list!

Heidi said...

printed this off yesterday. these are great ideas. i remember most of them. i think it's time to plan an outdoor game day before summer is over.

Anonymous said...

Favorite: Four square. Straight up Spring Hill.

Anonymous said...

Where are these:
Categories (the kind where you bounce the ball against the side of the house and say things in a category like colors, vegtables, etc. between bounces)

Lots of these are oldies but goodies. And---of course, the one I just gave Benny: spool knitting, or corking.