Monday, March 8, 2010

This do in rememberance of me . . .

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This past week, our church experimented with how they deliver the elements of communion.  They set the juice cup inside a cup with a wafer in it and you got both at one time.  Pastor Sam asked, so here are my comments.

I long to celebrate communion more often and in a more central way.  Because the death, burial and resurrection of  Jesus is the central point of our faith, it seems that communion, the celebration of those events, should be central to our worship.  The celebration of the new covenant should not necessarily be simply a once-a-month practice that we tag onto an otherwise normal worship service.  Is there a way that we can make this a more integral or monumental act in our worship?  Maybe that is dedicating more time to it.  Maybe it is doing it more often.  Maybe it is preaching about communion more.  Maybe it is understanding the new covenant and how Christ fulfilled all of the old covenant and ushered us into His kingdom by his death and resurrection.

As to method, I'm much less particular.  I do love to have someone say to me, "the body of Christ, broken for you" or "the blood of Christ, shed of you" as they offer me the bread and cup.  I feel like I am being served and offered something, rather than simply being passed a wafer and cup.  This is a detail, but one that has been meaningful to me.  If I had to choose, I would have a large communal loaf and a large communal cup.  Again, the symbolism of one body, one loaf and cup are meaningful.  I know that this complicates a lot of things, but I like it.

How about you?  I know many of you come from different traditions, some where you had communion weekly, some where you don't do communion at all.  What thoughts do you have about the Lord's supper?


Anonymous said...

The Quakers don't celebrate communion the way you describe it. They have an open worship time that they believe is an inward spiritual communion with Christ. They also believe anytime they share a meal with believers it's a celebration of communion.
Personally, I will miss the sacraments very much.

Sharon said...

I too love to celebrate the Lord's Supper and find it one of the most meaningful things that we do at church.

Anonymous said...

Communion is a meaningful time. I'm not a big fan of pre-packaged wafers and drink. Last church had a peel-off lid (to prevent spills??). Somehow, that doesn't seem close to bread and wine. I also think that the service belongs in the church or church-gathering (i.e. not schools, camp groups, casual meetings of friends, etc.). I might be wrong, but those make me uncomfortable.

As a child, I think I was overly spooked by the "drink unworthily" admonishments. It took a long time to get over that.


Andy Gammons said...

I agree about the prepacked stuff. I am also with you on the 1 Corinthians 11:27-32 "eats and drinks judgment on himself" stuff. It seems like communion is a good time to come and recognize once again how Christ's blood has covered all of our sins and to confess those sins to him. If I waited until I was "worthy" to take the bread and cup though, I would never partake. This is what Christ's death was all about. His death bought the forgiveness that I receive.

Erin said...

At Vineyard Columbus, we take pre-packaged cardboard-like wafer and grape juice every Sunday. When they first implemented it, we called it drive-thru Communion. Now, logistically, there are several thousand in a weekend service - so we understand why they do it that way, but... I do think much is lost in that method. BUT, I like that we do it each Sunday.

At our church before (Heartland- FW), there was a loaf and cup at the front and everybody would get in line to come forward as a family and partake. They made a point of communicating that the Lord's table was open to all, meaning whoever would come to feast of Him is WELCOME. I guess I like that - cause that's how He is.

Finally, I agree with you, Andy - my preferred method would be to receive the bread/loaf and cup from someone and have them speak those words. Even if Vineyard said the words (the blood of Christ...etc) while we were eating our wafer, it would be more meaningful.

Thanks for the post!