Sunday, April 10, 2011

Farm Sounds

We have been out at the farm a lot lately, painting like fools. We haven't had a chance to really stop and enjoy it much yet. Last night though on my way out I stopped. The frogs were croaking in the pond, the crickets were chirping: farm sounds. I took the recording below. If you live in the city and haven't been in open spaces lately, have a listen and enjoy. The audio is kind of soft, so you'll have to turn up your volume.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like it!! How fun for you!

Gregg said...

The perfectly natural White Noise machine! Love that.

Andrea said...

So excited for you all and this new adventure you are on.

I wanted to share a homeschooling resource in case Amanda hasn't encountered this blog yet - there's having a "spring materials clean out" event beginning April 25. Here's the link:

Sarah said...

Wait until you add some small livestock to that mix! Can't wait to see the work that you guys have done.

Anonymous said...

Did I read the word LIVESTOCK??? Are barn cats part of that scenario?

Shube said...

Allison wants us to raise alpaca to harvest the wool for knitting! Hmmmmmm.

Abigail said...

Love the farm sounds.

Go for the livestock.

And please, in your plethora of spare time (tongue firmly in cheek) change the background to your blog page. The sight of snow is starting to make me twitch. ;)

With warm thoughts for us all,