Thursday, May 22, 2014

Busy Nathan

Nathan is in what you might call a "busy" time.  He is constantly moving, constantly getting into things and generally acting out whatever thoughts are going through his mind.  This is fairly typical of all of our almost-two-year-olds, but he is taking it to a whole nother level.  (See the photos below.)  The only time that he will sit still at all is either when you're reading to him or when you are singing.  The other night we went to a concert for The Master's College chorale (amazing by the way.)  Nathan loved it.  He sat in my arms and just listened while the students sang.  He loves music.  He is constantly singing, usually a tune I don't know, with words that I can't understand.

We sure love him.  He keeps our days filled with constant fun and joy.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure he won't sit at a computer all day as an adult:) He's fun and sooo sweet! Love the boy!!