Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Dad, can we play the Ungame?"

This has been Benjamin's question for a few nights in a row. On Tuesday we finally got to play. The Ungame is a "game" from my childhood. We had the board (that just went around in a circle, no goal) and the whole game. We only played it a few times as I remember. I played it often though with my RA and RD staffs when I worked in Residence Life. It is an amazing game. The players pass around the deck of cards and simply answer the questions. Here are some excerpts from the rules.
  • Players agree to REMAIN SILENT except during their turn. This encourages LISTENING and UNDERSTANDING and discourages probing and challenging.
  • Select the deck of cards to be used:

    DECK #1 cards contain LIGHTHEARTED topics. (These cards can be used as an "ice-breaker" or a fun way to get acquainted with the other players.)

    DECK #2 cards contain more SERIOUS topics. (These cards are better suited to a group of players who have already played the game using the cards in Deck #1.)

It has been so fun to play this with the boys. They sit quietly while the others answer. Matthew doesn't really get all of the questions yet, but it is so much fun to watch him think through them. I look so forward to many more rounds of the Ungame at the Gammons house.


Sharon said...

I remember this game but don't remember any of the questions. Give a couple of examples.

Heidi said...

Good idea. I'll have to keep an eye out for this ungame.

Anonymous said...


I totally remember seeing that game in our "game closet", but I don't remember ever actually playing it. Way to resurrect it.

Hope you have a great weekend.


Allison said...

I too would like some examples--however I'll probably always decline playing it for fear of over-sharing, which tends to be a problem for me.