Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hymn of the Week--The New Church Hymnal

As I've mentioned here before, I grew up signing old hymns. My parents love(d) them and passed that love to us. As we've been singing hymns after dinner we've collect some old hymnals, but they are hit or miss. What I've really wanted was a set of the same hymnals for all of our family. I mentioned this to my mom and she got busy. With the help of friends from her church in Alpena, she collected six of the old hymnals that I grew up with, The New Church Hymnal.

When I got the box in the mail with six beautiful books, it made me so happy. These are the hymnals that my dad led singing out of; these are the hymnals that saints from Northern Michigan have praised God over; these are the hymnals that countless sinners have seen God in. I'm one of those sinners. I now pray that my children will see God in these songs and that they may be a part of their knowing and loving Him.

Thanks to Mom and Mrs. Kirschner. I look forward to singing these hymns with both of you and many others from "the old church" in heaven.


Heidi said...

interesting story. it's obvious that those hymnals mean a lot to you. i have a favorite hymn but now i forget the name. i'll have 2 ask lor8a.

Sharon said...

I'm so glad that you're enjoying them!

Anonymous said...

Made me cry. I miss Dad. Glad you have those. What a gift.

Anonymous said...

YES!! Most of these great hymns beat the 7/11 worship choruses (7 words repeated 11 times) by a long shot. The lyrics are theologically deep and the music is a fitting vehicle. I miss some of my favs like "Like a River Glorious Is God's Perfect Peace" and my fav Christmas song, "Who Is He in Yonder Stall."