Sunday, April 4, 2010

He is Risen!

We had a wonderful time at church last night.  Celebrating Easter on Saturday was a little different but He in fact has been risen for over two thousand years.  The sanctuary was almost full which is a change for a normal Saturday night.  The abundance of people definitely added to the celebratory nature.  Today is going to be more celebrating, starting with DeRouchie cinnamon rolls and then ham with the Nagel crew later.

The above picture is for MJD.  She has been wanting us to change to a picture that includes Lucy.  Happy Easter to all.  May the you experience the resurrection power today and throughout the year.


Anonymous said...

He is risen indeed! Have a wonderful Easter! The kids are really looking older. Wow.

Sharon said...

Snapfish please:) I love the picture! Thanks for sending it.

Sarah said...

Great Pic! Thanks for hosting. It was a great day.