Friday, April 23, 2010

New Labels

I was talking with Teresa the other night at church about blogging.  I brought up labels and how I felt that I don't do a good job with this.  The label that I think would be most helpful are ones for each kid.  So if you wanted to see all the posts mainly about Benjamin, you could click on the label and there you go.  Or if you wanted to see what I've written lately about Lucy, click the label and wallah!  The only problem that I had with this was one of comparison.  What if I had 50 posts about Caleb and only 49 about Ben?  Would I feel pressure to keep them equal?

Well I've decided to do it.  So you can look on the label cloud (Recurring Themes) to the right and see all of the kids names.  You can also see who has the most.  Ben of course has the most.  He's the oldest and has been with us the longest.  I think it will be a fun way though for me to continue to organize the blog this way.  Any other suggestions for blog maintenance.

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