Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Picnic table update

We had our first meal on our new picnic table yesterday. I got home for lunch and all of my little boys were playing outside. They all had their shirts off and were loving life. I wished that I had camera, but it was at work. When I get home and see the boys doing such great "little boy stuff" I am so proud of Amanda and so grateful for her. She is an amazing mom. She makes the boys mind her and behave, but still gives them enough freedom to be little boys.

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful. I need to mow the lawn tonight.


Anonymous said...

so it sounds like we are going to get a free riding mower that is close to new (from sarah's parents), which is nice because holding my beers is hard with the normal stand-up mower :)

Anonymous said...

brad, you need one of those beer caps in the mean time!

Andy, I couldn't imagine mowing in this heat! Good luck :)

Sharon said...

It won't be long and Benny will be able to mow the lawn:) Of course there's the "lawn mowing training" that will have to happen before he can go solo. That's a real Don memory for sure.