Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"I sure am glad Molly's here."

"I sure am glad Molly's here." That's what Caleb said this morning just before I went to work. Many people have asked what the boys think of her. There is a spectrum of reactions. On one end, Caleb is thrilled to have her here. It is very funny because during the whole pregnancy Caleb wanted very little to do with the topic. The funniest part about Caleb is that he keeps calling Molly either "he" or "him". For instance, "Can I take him back to my room?" or "He sure is soft." We'll work on gender pronoun agreement in a few weeks. On the other end of the spectrum is Ben. He didn't really want to come to the hospital and since Molly came home he has not really wanted much to do with her. This has very little to do with whether Ben likes her or not. Ben, being the cautious first born, I think is more worried about things at the hospital, hurting her, her being new, her being different. He wanted to know the other day, "When is Molly going to be 5?" Once things settle down a little bit and Molly is able to interact with him, she'll be his little charge. Matthew lies somewhere in the middle. He thinks she is fun and wants to be near her, but mostly he is glad that his mommy is back.

Amanda update: Amanda is feeling better. We were able to come home on Sunday (our scheduled day) which was a huge blessing. We didn't want to stay at the hospital any more. We went to get her hematobin level checked this morning. We're hoping it is going up. She is still pretty laid up. My mom is here though and is being a hugely indispensable help. I am back at work for the rest of the week. I will take a couple more days off once my mom leaves next week. Thanks for reading and thanks for continuing to pray for us.


Gregg said...

I SOOOO can't wait to meet her next week!

mckeefamily03 said...

Congrats you guys! She is so beautiful! We miss ya'll a lot!