Wednesday, July 18, 2007


One thing that I wanted to write about when Molly was born but didn't get a chance to was her middle name. With all of our kids, we looked for names that we liked that also honored people that we love: Benjamin Donald (my dad), Caleb Joseph (my brother), Matthew Bradley (Amanda's brother), and now Molly Pearl (Amanda's grandma.) I've gotten to know Amanda's grandma through many stop-overs at her house. We've enjoyed her snacks and tea before bed and crashing on her floor. Pearl Wendt is a very kind woman who loves Jesus. That is how I hope that Molly is described one day.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. Mom is quite honored that you've chosen to pass her name on down the line. I'll send this post to her friend, Norma, so she can see it.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to be sure to click on G'ma Pearl's picture to get the full effect of her blinged-out shades.