Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Gammonses move outside

It is finally time for us to do our normal spring routine of going outside after breakfast and only coming in for lunch, naps and dinner. The other day I came home from lunch and Amanda even had a picnic lunch for us. When you have three little boys, outside is the best place to be. Molly actually loves it too. This weekend has been great. Once we go Amanda and antibiotic for her strep throat we really began to enjoy ourselves. Yesterday I planted the beginning of our garden: brussel sprouts (plants already eaten by the rabbits), five tomato plants, two pepper plants and a strawberry plant. Today I finished the garden with some carrots, lettuce, basil, and spinach. I love gardening, so that was a lot of fun. Amanda spread some mulch in a bed in the back, planted some Impatiens and went for a long walk.

When you live in a place where winter is eight months long, the arrival of spring is a JOYFUL time. It means being outside more in God's creation, more time having fun with family and a better general disposition. For evidence of all of these, see the video below. Mom got the boys this bouncy ball last year. They were a little small for it then, but have really taken to it this spring.


Sharon said...

Those darn rabbits!! I have trouble with them too and have found that Liquid Fence works well to keep them at bay. Your garden looks good and I love the video. The best part is you on the bouncy ball. Glad that the kids like it!

Allison said...

What a nice plot of land you've got going! Nothing is better than food grown with your own hands--keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

YOU are hi-larious.

and by the way, diss the word verifications-PLEASE.