Friday, May 16, 2008

Know what you believe and why you believe it.

I have just begun listening to a podcast entitled The White Horse Inn. Their motto is "Know what you believe and why you believe it." It is a work of about four Reformed theologians from California. Their conversation reminds me of many of the conversations that Brad and I have had of late. They are talking about a case for doctrine and apologetics. They are fighting the fight against what many churches have called "cultural relevance."

The argument that makes the most sense to me is that Christianity is not about me. The church is not about me. The Gospel is not about me. All of these things are about God and His work. If we are trying to fit Christianity into what the world is doing, we are missing the point. To paraphrase them, "Churches are saying that Jesus can have a supporting role in the drama that you are living. Instead, churches must say that YOU can have a supporting role in the drama that Christ has written." Listening to this has inspired me to learn more about some of the deeper truths of our faith and to be able to articulate them. How do you feel your church is doing in pointing people to Jesus and the Gospel instead of trying to make Jesus and the Gospel fit into their world?


Sharon said...

I don't remember thinking about "what I liked about church" as a kid or even as a young adult because I was taught that it was about God and what He had done for me on the cross. I think the idea of church being something for me is a rather new concept/the last 20 or 30 years. What do you think about that?

Andy Gammons said...

Great comment. I think you are right on. I believe that is one thing that the Catholic church still has on most evangelical churches. There are a lot of other problems there, but you certainly don't get the idea that church is about going to "get your problems fixed" or "a feel-good experience". The mass is all about God and his sacrifice. Again, there are some significant problems with how they present that. Many evangelical churches are more self-help and less God-centered. Other thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Not on the theology track...what do the soars look like for hand, foot, and mouth? Jacob has some white cancor soar things on his lip, but nothing on hand and feet.

Andy Gammons said...

I think he probably has it. Look for a fever and then eventually soars in his mouth. Sorry about that.