Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Matthew!

When Matthew was born I remember wondering how he would fit into our family. We already had these two crazy fun characters and I wondered just who this new little person would be. Matthew has been such a gift to our family. He is completely different from his two brothers (no surprise.) He is very tender and compassionate. He tells Amanda and me that he loves us a lot. He loves to cuddle Molly. He also LOVES sports and balls. He is going to be our athlete. When we asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said a football and chapstick. When he saw the jersey that we gave him (above) he was very pleased. He wore it Saturday and he had to wear it yesterday when the Vikings played. We had a great weekend celebrating the boys' birthdays. You can see the photos here.


Gregg said...

Love the jersey! I'll have to wear my Colts jersey at Thanksgiving so Matty and I can talk trash.

Andy Gammons said...

Matt would think that was very cool. You guys can play catch with his new football.


Sharon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MATTHEW!! He is all of the things that you said and lots more too. As the 3rd born with two older sisters I know how fiesty one must be just to keep up and "keep things fair". He has all of the necessary traits to handle his birth position in the family along with sweetness to boot. I sure love you Matty!