Friday, October 17, 2008

How do you talk about your kids without bragging?

When I was growing up, I always remember getting Christmas cards from family and friends where it seemed like their children had either invented a cure for cancer or won yet another Nobel prize. You know what I'm talking about. I remember Tricia telling stories about how when she was teaching, parents would come in and talk as if their children's poop didn't stink. Amanda and I have tried to not be proud about who are kids are. Understanding our shortcomings and depravity makes this an easier task. I can certainly say that our kids are amazing through God's grace, in spite of me.

This is also how I have tried to write our blog. On one hand I want to share things that we are excited about for our kids while trying to be humble. I have also tried to appropriately share frustrations that we face. But no one wants to read someone else's whining.

How do you share things that you're excited about and proud about, without bragging? If you have kids or even if you don't, how do you tell others about successes in your life?


Anonymous said...

I understand where you're coming from about the bragging. It's nauseating at best.
On the other hand, I believe one of our jobs as parents is to celebrate our children. There is a vast difference between celebrating who your kids are--their loves, their passions, their personalities, their hearts for the Lord--and celebrating what your kids do. The difference exists not only for the "reader", but more importantly for the child. I know that a validation about who I am does much more for my soul than a pat on the back about something I've done. If we aren't celebrating our children, then I don't believe there are many out there who will fulfill that role--at least in a constructive God honoring way. So all that to say, for the family and close friends that read your blog, celebrate away. We think your kids are awesome simply because they're yours. I'll let you know if you begin to resemble a yearly christmas card we receive.

Gregg said...

I'm with Tricia...celebrate away!

I love that you share the joys and wonders of who the kids are becoming, and it has never seemed to me like "bragging." We depend on the stories and videos to keep us "in the loop."

Anonymous said...

Brag on. We do!

Sharon said...

You're not bragging! The kids are wonderful and we all enjoy hearing about them.