Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why'd you quit your church?

I sometimes read Abraham Piper's (Pastor John's son) blog. It is often a really good question followed by people's responses in the comments. This week he asked the question, "Why'd you quit your church?" I wrote about why we left the church that we had been going to for over a year in this post. As I read through the comments on Abraham's blog they seemed to separate into two categories: the church (teaching, worship, theology) and how I felt in the church (not cared for, lonely, not heard, not included). A couple examples of each follows.

"theology issues and feeling like I was getting a pep talk every Sunday instead of being taught about Jesus."--Morgan

"Our thumbs down came when ‘Deal Or No Deal’ video clips were played for two months prior to the sermon. Also, the messages were 100% topical instead of going through books of the Bible."--WL

"I realized no one noticed when I was gone."--ann

"My wife and I left our old church because it didn’t want us anymore, and they cut out the things that mattered the most for morketing reasons."--Fr. Spike

I know that some of my readers have left churches or are thinking about it. What made you leave? Are there reasons for leaving that are better than others?


Anonymous said...

We have chatted about this topic a bunch of times and you know my feelings. It was deeply saddening to me when a priest took on the role of fundraiser and politician to secure a higher role within the church instead of doing what he was meant to do -- teach.

If only he cared that he lost even one person because of his own greed.

Anonymous said...

Your post reminds me of one of my favorite jokes: A guy is stranded on an island for 10 years. When finally rescued by a shipload of anthropologists, they noticed three huts he had built. They asked what they were. The guy replied: One is my house and one is my church. They responded: What about the 3rd one. He answered: That's where I used to go to church, but I didn't like the music! :)

Gregg said...

I'm definitely the guy with the three huts. Music is often a major factor for me. It seems like so much of the music performed at churches do more to distract rather than prepare one's heart for the message. I can get past ackward music for a good teacher, but for me nothing beats some hymns with a piano or organ and a well-prepared, Bible-based message. Although, I sometimes feel spoiled by attending Alistair Begg's church back in Cleveland!

Good post - I like the topic and comments.