Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome Sam Dave

Samuel David Nagel was born this morning to Brad and Sarah. Here are the stats.

21 inches
9lbs 6oz
red hair like james
cute as a button

Big boy! Congratulations to Brad, Sarah and James. Amanda promises pictures after her visit this afternoon.


Sharon said...

Can't wait to see the pics. Praise God that Samuel has finally arrived safe and well!!

Heidi said...

wow, he's a big-little guy! congratulations to brad and sarah!

Carrie said...

Of course I love the name! Nice choice guys! :) ~Sammy's mommy.

Anonymous said...

Great name. Did all of that baby come out naturally? Yikes. You are a champ Sarah. Hope your transition is smooth.

Colbert Family said...

This week we had the very same two events happen here.... Jacob lost a tooth (it was his first though) and my sister had a baby yesterday :) As I read your blog I was thinking that our blog is going to look very similar in the posts that I am planning on doing sometime over the next couple day :) Ben looks adorable without his teeth and congrats on a new nephew :)