Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A few great live shows

Lately I have found some really great live shows on-line. They are from artists that I really like. Downloading these free live shows is legal and it is a great way to check out artists that are new or that you might just be getting into. The links will take you to the original pages where the mp3's can be found. Most of them have zip files where you can download the whole show too. Let me know if you like any of this.

David Gray
KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic, 8/18/05
This is a great live studio performance on the Morning Becomes Eclectic radio show. I'm not a huge David Gray fan but Amanda likes him. And hey, its free.

Jason Harrod
Zoka Coffee, Seattle, WA, 7/26/03 (This page is a little slow.)
Jason Harrod, of Harrod and Funck does a great show in a coffee house in Seattle. He does some H&F stuff as well as some of his newer material. Check this out especially if you haven't listened to him since H&F.

Vigilantes of Love
7th Street Loft, Lincoln, NE, 9/1/00
Bill Mallonee and VOL are in prime form on this show. They do some of their best songs and some that you have probably not heard. VOL is no longer touring so a chance to hear them live like this is a treat.

Ryan Adams
Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, 11/28/02
On a solo tour, Ryan Adams does a great show and the recorder catches it in great quality. He is fowl mouthed as always, but the songs are all right there.

Troutdale, OR, 8/22/07 (part one)
Troutdale, OR, 8/22/07 (part two)
This show is from Wilco's latest tour. It is a very good one. If you've not heard Wilco before, begin here.

Pink Floyd
Dark Soundboard of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, 3/15/73
Here Pink Floyd plays their Dark Side of the Moon album live in its entirety. I played this for Benjamin and Caleb last night. They thought it was pretty cool, but it also freaked them out a little. Matthew was in the tub and heard it from the back of the house. He got so freaked out, he said, "I want to see Papa." He got out of the tub, soaking wet and came out to see what was going on.

Thanks to all of the original tapers and to those who post this great stuff. Keep it up. Keep it free!

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