Monday, March 31, 2008

The Fighter

Look closely at the picture above. Last night Ben was dancing around in the living room and whacked his nose on the back of the red chair. It looks like he may have broken it. He says that it doesn't really hurt, unless he touches it. I thought he might wake up this morning with a couple of good shiners. We'll see if it continues to swell. I hope not.


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Looks like when it snows it pours -- good luck to Ben and you with your headache after your afternoon incident.

Anonymous said...

Have you done the ole "hold a mirror under his nose" see if both sides are functioning?
Sure hope this isn't the start of a Rocky Balboa schnoz.
Dr. Shube

Sharon said...

I whacked my nose like that way back when and all is well. He'll probably have a shiner out of the deal. I love you Benjamin.

Gregg said...

I, for one, blame Bruce Springsteen.