Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Won't You Wear a Sweater?" Day

This Thursday, March 20, would have been Mr. Rogers' 80th birthday. In his honor, Mr. McFeely wants everyone to wear their favorite sweater. Check out the video below and join our whole family in honoring our favorite neighbor by wearing your sweaters.


Anonymous said...

wish we were still in Pittsburgh to enjoy the other festivities. thanks for sharing and alex has a sweater that looks EXACTLY like mr rogers. i'll make sure he's sporting it for the occasion. we'll probably need a sweater even though it's the first day of spring.

Gregg said...

Count us in! I was going to post on this today, but you beat me to it...I'll be sure to take pictures of us, and I want to see your crew in their cardigans too!

Maybe I'll even change my shoes for the camera when I get home from work.

Unknown said...

how did you know this??

Anonymous said...

I still have the sweater (about a SZ 5) that my mom, G'ma Pearl, knit for Gregg. It's a classic: steel blue, cables down the front, pewter buttons. Once when I told Gregg to put his sweater on, he replied, "You mean the one that looks like Mr. Rogers?" He was an astute observer...even in his younger iteration. :) I might find a sweater + search for the "Trip to the Crayon Factory" episode...one of my favorites (along with the visit from Yoyo Ma).