Friday, May 16, 2008

TULIP and "John Piper is bad!"

Just recently I have gotten back into my lectures from Pastor John on the five points of Calvinism or TULIP.

T--Total Depravity
U--Unconditional Election
L--Limited Atonement
I--Irresistible Grace
P--Perseverance of the Saints

They have been great. I just finished total depravity and am listening to irresistible grace. (He takes them in a different order.) Whether or not you think you're a Calvinist or even if you have no idea what that is, these would be great lectures for you. I just thought of posting on this after watching the video below. Check it out. It is funny..

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Sharon said...

The whole idea of the depravity of man is certainly counter culture with the concepts of self esteem and the like being so rampant. It's really this theology of my depravity which led me to see that I could never be good enough for God without Jesus. I tried to be good enough and just couldn't do it. It's really such a foundational part of the Christian experience since there would be no need for Christ to die for me otherwise.