Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I love living with boys. Every day is an adventure. I think this will only grow as the boys get older. For our read aloud book at night, we are currently reading Robert Newton Peck's "Soup and Me" or "Soup 3 Me" as Caleb call's it. This is a CLASSIC boys' book. It is part of the genera of elementary school books like, "Ramona" and "Henry and Ribsy". I loved these books growing up. The boys have really enjoyed "Soup and Me." Ben has even wanted to read ahead. My favorite scene is in the first chapter when the boys decided to take an early spring dip in the pond buck nude. Their clothes are stolen by the dreaded Janice Reiker and they have to sneak home in skirts and dresses that they steal from a Goodwill box. We all got a kick out of that.

Yesterday in a scene right out of "Soup and Me," I came home and Amanda yelled to me, "Andy, come back here quick."

She pointed up to the tree and said, "Look at Ben."

He was at the very top of our pine tree in the back, past the telephone wires. I love that he is becoming adventurous and spreading his wings. When he got down, I gave him a high five and said, "Let's not go quite that far any more."


Sharon said...

YIKES!! Tell him the story of Joey Demarzo at camp last summer! I'll try not to look!!

Allison said...

What a monkey!

Anonymous said...

Next he'll be tightroping along the high wires there!

Anonymous said...

You might have to do an electricity home school lesson soon. Just leave out the whole concept of grounding otherwise he might do the tightrope thing Dave mentioned.

Yikes, those electrons BITE!

It is fun that he's growing up and letting some of the first born caution go. Looking forward to some adventures in July.

Gregg said...

I loved those books. Fantastic pictures of Ben's sweet climbing skills...maybe the city would let you use the power lines as a zipline.