Friday, May 15, 2009


We are done! The boys spent their second night in their new bedroom down stairs. Last night we watched our first Thursday night shows in our new family room. Yesterday we said our official goodbye to our new friend Phil the Carpenter. We are very blessed.

Remodel recap: Two months ago we hired Piper Construction to finish our basement. They were to complete a bedroom with egress window, a bathroom and a family room with a new gas fireplace. Here are a few before pictures.

Then the wizards from Piper Construction, Ben and Phil, went to work and we now have something that we could not be more pleased with.

Here is a list of my favorite things about the remodel.
  • The boys hanging out with Phil everyday. Phil being so kind and gentle with them and including them in his work.
  • Getting to know Ben and Phil.
  • The fireplace
  • The details--puppet window, the two extra inches Ben bought us coming down the stairs, the clean and interesting lines.
I cannot say enough about Piper Construction and their professionalism, workmanship, timeliness (They finished earlier than expected), and general care for our project, ideas and family. We did not imagine coming to care for our contractor the way that we have. On their website it says that their missions is "To become your life-long contractor by meeting all your remodeling needs with care that exceeds your expectations." Ben, Phil, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks for your work and everything else.

We are now excited to begin to share our new space. If you're interested, drop in and see it. We are thinking about other ways for us to open this space and work on our hospitality. Amanda and I both love having people in our home, but are not "naturals." I am praying that God will use this new space to push us to growth in this area.


Sharon said...

WOW!!! Does it look great! It looks like the boys' room is a nice size and the red chair looks so nice there. I love the new bins in the famiy room, the fireplace looks sooo nice, and everything looks so spacious and good! Congratulations on your "new house"!

Abigail said...

It looks awesome!!! I'm so excited for you guys! And the painting is wonderful, too! Great color choices!

It makes me want to just step right in from my computer. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow guys. Well done. It really looks fabulous. My question is, "what's in the living room upstairs now?". I see everything has moved below.

I love the upstairs "entrance" to the basement also. I bet you don't want to leave.

Well worth the wait. Can't wait to see it in person. I'm looking into flights.


Andy Gammons said...

Right now there is one chair and an ottoman in the upstairs. We have another chair that we ordered from Costco that I have to take back. We are waiting on a sectional that we have coming. Upstairs is going to be a little more "minimalistic".

Allison said...

Fantastic!!! It is just gorgeous. The carpet looks very plush. I love your clean style. Can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

See my construction post on the Preaching blog below. Sorry---

Colbert Family said...

Looks awesome! The family room is so cozy and inviting. Looks like a great place for family times and also for you and Amanda to relax after the kids are all in bed. The boys bedroom also looks great! Very Pottery Barnish :) I love the color choices in all the rooms. I'm sure you will enjoy it very much!
Shelley :)

Anonymous said...

Meant to ask for a pic of the bathroom...

Gregg said...

Wow - this looks really great! What an awesome way to expand the usable space in your house. We may have to book a night at Casa la Gammons on our next northerly swing.

Do you serve banana pancakes in bed?

Sarah said...

It looks great. I can't believe how quickly you guys were able to get all settled in there. We can't wait to do some hanging out with you guys in your new family room.

Heidi said...

almost forgot to comment on this. i love the paint job. how exciting, it's like a new house!