Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Small Group Camping

From Small Group Camping

We meet with a group of people every other Sunday night to study, discuss, worship, and get to know each other. Five families, more than 20 kids, 3 babysitters, 1 house. It is an often rich and chaotic time. These are the kids that we imagine our kids growing up with in Sunday School and youth group. These are the families we imagine walking with in good and bad, mourning and rejoicing.

This weekend we went camping with most of the small group. We missed those who weren't able to come, but we had a grand time with those who did. Here are a few of my highlights.
  • Walking into the campsite and looking out to the river, looking up at the huge trees and knowing that we were going to enjoy ourselves.
  • Seeing Madelyn dive into the river and come up with a HUGE smile.
  • Watching (and not watching) the boys play in the woods with all of the other kids.
  • Getting in the tent at the end of the night and then getting out again once the kids were asleep.
  • Campfire
  • Preparing food over the fire with the guys.
  • Hiking with my boys and the other dads and kids.
We had such a good time that we are hoping to make this a tradition. You can see all of our pictures here.


Sharon said...

How fun is that!!! There's nothing like Christian friends to walk through life with. I'm glad that the Lord has provided that for you and your family. Love the pictures!!!

Abigail said...

Great post and pics Andy!

I love the one of Eliza and Molly; the tangerine girls!

Anonymous said...

I am envious. I miss our Pit friends.
The easiness, the hard work, and the "this is a glimpse of the way it's meant to be" feeling.
Can't wait to hear how the kids did in the tent.

Anonymous said...

Looks like lot o' fun! I'm glad you didn't reprise Amanda's 3-yr-old camping experience of eating waaay more grapes than I was tallying and her proceeding to "lose" them all when we got home.