Monday, May 4, 2009

Uncle Brad

One other thing that I wanted to write about when we lost Caleb was how much I love Brad. When we figured out that we had left Caleb on the trail, Brad didn't even hesitate. He said, "I'll run back," and he took off. Brad has never hesitated to love our kids. From the moment that he arrived at the hospital in his Junior year at Calvin, to meet Benjamin for the first time, he has been an amazing uncle to our kids. He is one of their favorite playmates, all-time best storyteller and one of their biggest idols. We all believe in Bradleyman.

Thanks, Brad. We love you.


Sarah said...

Very sweet post Andy.

I'm waiting for a new Bradleyman story to emerge from losing Caleb in the woods.

brad said...

Thanks Andy.

And thanks for posting a better picture than the one of me "in position" below. :)

Anonymous said...

Brad could no doubt relate to the lost-5 year old scenario. He had his own "lost" experience at age 5. Not in the woods -- but at a Nascar Race in Georgia! Shube