Thursday, April 26, 2007

Summer Schedule

I just turned in my summer schedule to my boss yesterday. It looks like it is going to be a busy summer. I am meeting my TU friends in Chicago for Memorial Day weekend. Then I will be at the annual ACSD conference here at Northwestern College the first week in June. Nagel Family Vacation happens later in June, followed in July by a little girl being born at our house. It will make for an exciting and fast-paced summer. Every summer seems way to short and I am sure that this one will be no different. I hope to get some camping in with the boys. (It might have to be the backyard.) I would also like to get to Alpena. I am not sure if this will even be feasible. What are your summer plans? Its right around the corner.


Sharon said...

My summer looks like this.

Time at the beach in Ossineke...the lake flat in the morning and fires on the beach with friends and family

A visit to MN to help when
Baby Girl Gammons is born

Maybe another visit to MN before or after she's born

A possible visit from Tricia and Davy while Alex is in Mexico

A visit from Joe, Carrie, and Drew

Time in the garden and with friends

It sounds like a busy but wonderful summer...just like yours.

Anonymous said...
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Andy Gammons said...

On behalf of Tricia:

Alex and I are taking a much needed vacation May xx to Florida.

In June Alex takes 33 people to Mexico City for a mission trip. I will probably head to Alpena.

In July Alex has his high school camp in Wisconsin. I will stay and tend my garden.

In August Alex, Davy, and I will head to the shore of Lake Michigan for jr high camp. It's very family friendly. We will leave from there to Mark Dykstra's wedding in Chicago.

Also in August we will take another much needed vacation to an undetermined local.

In the middle of all that we will enjoy our first summer with Davy.

I'm looking forward to it all.

Andy Gammons said...

I changed a bunch of the dates on this. It would make me sick if Tricia's house got broken into because some sicko was reading my blog. I feel like Sharon--a touch on the paranoid side.


Anonymous said...

I'm booked every Saturday and Sunday except two through October. Busy busy busy.

This weekend: Geocaching in Ely
End of May: Visiting in PA
Middle of June: Camping in IA
End of June: Visiting in OH
Middle of July: Vacation in SC
Beginning of August: Camping in Ely
Beginning of September: Bean Bag Tournament in Hibbing
Middle of October: Wedding in Hibbing