Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Higher Call Quartet

I have been listening this morning to the CD from the quartet that Amanda's mom Shirley plays with. The name of the group is Higher Call. We went to the Minnesota State Fair to hear them sing last year and really enjoyed it. Shirley really enjoys playing for the group. You can check out more about Higher Call at their website. Also, watch the video below. Unfortunately this was before Shirley began playing with them.


Anonymous said...

You promised you wouldn't do this! But hey...nothing like some free advertising. Gregg did the artwork for the album. Very nice. It's selling like hotcakes...kind of. I AM playing on this clip...just didn't quite make it into the screen shot. We did this at Grace Church.

Andy Gammons said...

I just said I wouldn't put up any pictures of you. I didn't say I wouldn't talk about the music. I enjoy it a lot.