Friday, September 14, 2007

Amanda ventures out

The photo above is what I came home to at lunch. Last night in bed Amanda said to me, "I just don't know how I am going to get you a birthday present." The idea of loading the now 4 crazies into the van and heading out seemed insurmountable. But this morning, Amanda got everyone in the van and went to Target. Each of the kids picked out a different gift for my birthday. Ben told me that he got me a LEGO Bionicle and Caleb got me a LEGO castle set. Amanda said that she asked them at the store what they thought that I would like. They said, "LEGO's! He liked them when he was little. He likes to put them together with us." Very funny! Ben was pretty disappointed when I said that I wanted to wait to open my gifts until Shube came over for dinner. I think he had some plans for my new LEGO's.

I have been deeply struck lately with the many blessings and mercies that God has granted me. Amanda and I said at lunch today how sweet Molly has become. It was only a week ago when we were both ready to put her in the envelope and write "RETURN TO SENDER" in large red letters. She wouldn't really even let us sit and hold her. She had to be bouncing and moving just so. Our family is in a very good spot. I know that this is nothing of my doing, that it is all a gift from God. I am thankful and humble today for the 31 years of grace and redemption that God has given me.


Sharon said...

It's so nice to be loved by so many and especially to be loved by a child/children. You're blessed.

Allison said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration this weekend~~ we love you all and can't wait for our visit!!

Unknown said...


I have to admit, I am amazed and so impressed with Amanda "going for it" with 4 kids in tow- wow. I am sure that was a gift in itself!

Love reading about THE GAMMONS FAMILY.