Thursday, September 20, 2007

Matthew Bradley, our fair haired boy

I haven't written much about Matt-t-t lately. He is something else. He is really starting to talk a lot. He repeats anything you say. The other night we were eating my birthday dinner which would be followed by cake. We usually sing a hymn after dinner. The moment the song finished, Matthew said, "CAKE." We are usually privy to at least one story like this every day.

The boys found the above Elmo slippers in the basement a few days ago. Matt has been WAY into them since. It is sure fun to watch each of our kids grow and watch their personalities change and be revealed. Matthew is definitely an interesting character that will bring continued joy to our family in the coming years.

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Anonymous said...

Here's MY Matt-y story for the week: Amanda (after Matty's nap...when he usually gets to pick one small candy) asked if he'd like to take his sucker for a ride in the stroller. Natch, he did. However, after a couple interruptions, Amanda + I realized he didn't have the sucker and we were well into our 40 minute walk. We decided to not say anything. When I hit the lip of the garage door with the stroller wheels, he immediately turned to us and said, "Sucker back?" We didn't know what he wanted. He responded by getting out, retrieving the sucker from the tray below his seat, sticking it in his mouth, and climbing the stairs into the house. Amanda responded: He's CRAZY! He LITERALLY took his sucker for a walk in the stroller. I can't wait to see what he'll do when he turns two tomorrow. :)
G'ma Shube