Thursday, September 20, 2007

A great day with Ben

We had a great day with Benjamin yesterday. Here's a recap in photos.

Our morning started with breakfast for Ben and me at the Cobblestone Cafe in downtown WBL. This is our second year of this tradition and it was another very rich morning.

We then loaded everyone in the car and met Shube at the MOA (Mall of America). This is how Ben wanted to spend his birthday. We hung out at the Lego store for a while, rode some rides and then went to Rain Forest Cafe for lunch. If you're interested in a nice quiet lunch at the MOA, this is not the place for you. The boys think it's great though. Caleb didn't really like the first "thunder storm".

We ended our evening with presents and Ben's choice of pork chops and broccoli for dinner. (I'll write more some other time about presents and kids. I think it is an interesting topic and one that I have been thinking a lot about.) After dinner we cut into our Lego cake. It was fun to show this to Ben when he woke up in the morning. He said right away, "It's a three-er (what he calls a lego piece with three dots on top.)" Caleb said, "I want a Lego cake for my birthday, except I want mine to be blue."

All in all, it was a great day. I am so thankful for my family and the gift that they are.

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Allison said...

Is Wenj throwing up Westside gang signs in his pic posing with the Lego man? He's sooo hardcore!!

Andy Gammons said...

Although Ben is very hardcore, I think he is holding Jango Fett's hand.

Anonymous said...

Yes--a great day was had by all. I am thankful that Caleb did not toss his cookies on me on the rollercoaster (he looked a tad green on the first couple turns!). Matty loved watching the swing ride and yelling, "Hi, Papa!" Molly was just happy to be held, and Benny thoroughly enjoyed being the center of attention on his big day! I also love that he chose pork chops for his birthday dinner. Yum-OH.

Gregg said...

A.) Awesome Cake...I totally want one for my 32nd B-Day ('cept I want an 8-er).

B.) We called 'em three-ers too.

C.) Happy B-day to Ben.

D.) The "CORN" shirt kills me everytime.

Sharon said...

What a fun day!! I especially love the cake! Who needs the $20 Target type when you can have one that cool!!