Thursday, September 27, 2007

Letting go of my son

I listened to another Ed Dobson sermon in the car today. He spoke about Genesis 22, the story of God's testing of Abraham and the sacrifice of Isaac. One thing that stuck out strong to me was when Dobson spoke about the faith that Abraham had in God as he let go of his son and put him in God's hands. Dobson has a son who is currently on his second tour in Iraq. This is a daily struggle for him. I so struggle letting go of the people that I love.

Today Ben went to Chicago with Grandma Shube. He will be gone until Sunday. They will have a great time seeing family, riding the train and eating Chicago dogs. I will miss him so much. On my drive today I already began to get choked up. I really want what God has for me today though. I know that involves giving Him my family. I know that will be difficult. I know that it will only become more difficult as God tests my faith as God "tested Abraham" (Gen. 22:1). I am already looking forward to Ben's call tonight.

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