Monday, September 10, 2007

Bad parents

I've always felt a little guilty about this. It seems like we're not very good parents. Good parents are the ones that take their kids to places like the JC Penny photo studio regularly to get their picture taken in front of Whinny the Pooh or a Sesame Street character. We've never done this.

This weekend though, I did take some pretty fun pictures of all of the kids. I tried to make the pictures of the boys look like "school picutres". I didn't have a plastic comb or soft blue background though, so it didn't really work. I love the pictures of all four kids. When I look at them I am AMAZED at the mercy of God in our life. Each of them are a blessing; each of them are a miracle; we don't deserve these mercies and yet God lavishly gives them.

You can see more pics here.


Anonymous said...

Very cute shots of all your children...I miss them. Wish I could hold Molly today!

Allison said...

Caleb's crooked smile is priceless!!! Can't wait to see everyone soon.

Anonymous said...

we're bad parents too, but i'm okay with that. although...some students just did a shot of their staff at wallly world for six bucks! i guess there's a reason it's popular. - starkenfam

Anonymous said...

Caleb's lip lookes like Harrison Ford's. :) Cuties all around.